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Research into smartphone companion apps for dive computers


What's this all about?

We are working on an exciting research project looking into the usability of smartphone companion apps for diving computers. Companion apps are smartphone apps that are used to connect to a dive computer and perform tasks like managing the settings of the dive computer and download dive logs.

We are looking to recruit research participants to help us carry out our research into making these companion apps better.

What is the purpose of the research?

The purpose of the research is to make dive computer apps better and in turn make diving better for scuba divers.

What does the research involve?

The research consists of two parts, both carried out at the same time.

In total we will need between 45-60 minutes of your time.

  1. Interview - we will carry out an informal 5-10 minute interview with you asking about what sort of diving you do, what dive computer/s you own or have used and your general thoughts on them.
  2. Usability test - this portion of the research will take around 40-50 minutes. We will ask you to complete a series of short simple tasks on a dive computer and a smartphone app.

What will I be paid?

Participants will be paid £20 for their time at the end of the usability test & interview.

Will the research session be recorded?

For us to effectively analyse the findings of the session and to avoid having to make handwritten notes we will record both the interview and usability test with a smartphone. The video/audio will not be made public and we fully comply with GDPR legislation. The recordings will be deleted at the end of the project.

Who can take part?

We are actively recruiting participants 18+ but under 70 who can meet us in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Participants will meet the following criteria:

  • Have scuba dived in the last 18 months:
  • Have logged 10 or more dives
  • Own their own dive computer
  • Connected a smartphone or PC/Laptop to their dive computer in the past.

Where will the research take place?

We will find a mutually convenient location in or around Edinburgh. This could be at your home, our studio or a public location like a quiet coffee shop.

When will the research take place?

We are looking to carry out our research in September and the beginning of October 2023.

Want to take part or have any questions?

If you are interested but have questions please contact Alex at hello@lothianwebdesign.com or call 0131 605 6049 between 0900 and 1900 Monday to Sunday