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Strategic Brand Design


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How we design brands

Branding is more than just a logo, it is about creating a visual identity that shapes how people view your company or product.
A well executed brand can add immense long-term business value.
Whether it is creating a brand for a new company or rebranding an existing product or business, Lothian Design can help.
Strategic Brand Design

Strategic Design

Our branding service revolves around research and building a cohesive, forward thikning brand that is deisgned around your long term business goals.
Brand strategy defines the values, purpose, market positioning of a company and its products.
Scalable Branding


We design responsive brands that scale from being applied to pens all the way to billboards and everything inbetween.
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Style Guides

For every brand we create we also produce a comprehensive style guide. This is a document containing the brand standards. It references logo use, typography, colors, visuals and more. This key doucment ensures brand consistency across product and marketing.
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Essential Branding

From Just
  • Brand consultation
  • Market and positioning research
  • Responsive logo design
  • Colour palette design
  • Brand moodboard
  • Extensive brand style guide

Expanded Branding

From Just
  • Everything from the essential branding package plus . . .
  • Custom Brand Pattern/Icon
  • Logos and graphics for social media platforms
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand launch print design
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Our Proven Brand Design Process

  • Step 1   -   Consultation At the beginning of every branding project, we start with an in-depth strategy session. During this session we'll dig deep into the heart of your business, learn about what makes your business unique, who is your ideal customer and what your business goals are. We will also learn about the persona of your business and how you see your business in the marketplace. This information helps us develop a unique branding solution, designed to take your business to the next level.o
  • Step 2   -   Research Following on from the strategy session, Lothian Design will then start the research phase. We will research your competitors, customers, industry trends and gather all the information to build an effective brand, one that has been informed by research and that meets your goals and vision.
  • Step 3   -   Develop Once we have all the information in place, we can then begin designing. In this part of the process we will develop for you a bespoke branding concept, featuring logos, a typographic system and brand colours.
  • Step 4   -   Refine The final step of the process entails refining the branding concept we have produced. We will present the brand we have produced and ask for your feedback, work collaboratively to hone the design and add the finishing touches. Once you’re happy we will produce a detailed style guide for you and a digital folder containing all of your brand assets.

Branding is more than just a logo

A brand is more than a logo, it is the identity of a business, its products and a powerful communication. The quality of a brand can determine a business’s fortunes and its value. A brand has the power to change how people perceive your business, executed well it can drive new business and increase value, executed poorly and it can turn away customers, damage reputation and value.

A brand identity is a statement of who you are and what you can do for someone. When you find a way to sum up your company’s entire promise of what it will be like to work with you and what’s in it for them into a few short emotional words, you’ve found your brand. Brand design takes those words and communicates them visually, through a logo, a colour palette, product design and print and digital media.

Small businesses are often sceptical of the value of strategic branding. But global household names like Apple, Nike and Dyson show both the power and value of branding. However, there are countless other examples of businesses who don’t just sell a product or service, but sell experiences, communities, emotional connections, relationships. Ultimately, they add value to our lives by using every aspect of their brand to support this.

Branding is more than just a logo - brand development documents
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